Onesies through the ages

Believe it or not, these amazing loungewear items have a fascinating history that dates back a lot further than you might expect. Want to know more about the mystery that onesies are? Keep reading.

Adult pajamas or jumpsuits better known as onesies made their first appearance in the 17th century Britain. The trend didn’t last long, but onesies did not disappear. They resurfaced in the late 1800’s.

Onesies started appearing everywhere in the 1880’s, as retailers started selling their early versions as combined tops and bottoms. Suddenly, an overwhelming number of people was wearing this loungewear, and they liked it. By the 1930’s, onesies were a huge sleepwear hit. Some men even started wearing silk onesies as evening-wear for elegant occasions.

The turning point for onesies was World War II. Winston Churchill started wearing onesies because they were incredibly comfortable. His publicly declared choice changed the way people looked at onesies forever.

Churchill called them “siren suits” as this one-piece clothing item covered the entire body. They were designed to be worn in air-raid shelters, and they solved two problems that came up during night time air raids in the UK. One was warmth, and the other one was modesty. They were simple, warm, and they covered everything.

Another early version of the onesie, a long underwear clothing item called the union suit, was popular in the 19th century. This one-piece came out as women’s underwear in New York. It was a replacement for constricting undergarments that were popular back then. This clothing item was popular in North America until the 20th century. Its popularity began waning then, and two-piece long underwear replaced it.

Although Churchill endorsed the onesie, it didn’t become an immediate hit for adults. People used onesies as clothing for their little ones. Onesies experienced a popularity boom with the baby boom. In the 1950’s parents used them to keep their babies warm and comfortable.

A book from 1970’s “2010: Living in the Future” by Geoffrey Hoyle predicted that everyone would be wearing onesies in the future. Well, this children’s book writer got it right. He even mentioned that the patterns would vary.

Today, men and women of all ages wear onesies. And it’s not just because they are so adorable. It is also because they are warm, comfortable, and perfect for lounging around. Also, numerous celebrities were photographed wearing onesies in public, as proof that they are in trend, or simply carefree. People like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Miley Cyrus, and Macklemore are famous fans of this comfy loungewear item.

However, for this trend, we can thank the company JumpinJammerz. The company and its products were supposed to be a gimmick for a rock band, but it turns out that people all over the world loved them. These onesies started appearing everywhere – on TV, at Emmy and Academy Awards, as well as in videos and movies.

Today, onesies for adults are available to everyone, and new patterns and designs keep coming out, and we have to say that we are glad. The onesie is standing the test of time, unlike many other fashion trends. Little do they know that because of its size, people can use great dildos underneath it or just those small vibrators for prostitutes.