Self Discovery: Tips on Exploring Your Orientation While in a Relationship

Discuss Concerns With Your Partner

If you are curious about the nature of your sexual orientation you should discuss thoughts and concerns with your partner. Even if the ideas in your head are new and confusing, not being honest with anyone you’re in a relationship with will make the process more difficult and disguised. This is a personal process, but when the time is right and you are ready to be sincere in seeking comfort with who you are becoming, it will be that much easier to come to terms with your true identity. Then you can considered being honest with those closest to you. You want to be especially direct with anyone you are loyally and intimately tied to, in case you find the need to explore your sexuality deeper.

Provide a safe and comfortable space to reveal what is in your heart. This newfound information may be heartbreakingly difficult for them to accept or understand, but confrontation is necessary to ensure both of your happiness. The response may not be positive, but alternatively, you might find they share the same interests. So talk to your mate and determine the best way to figure out what is best for the both of you, moving forward.

Evaluate the Importance of Hooking up With Both Genders

People are often crave most what they can’t and haven’t experienced. Your questions might be just that; a building of mystery. So, after you’ve opened up to your consort about being curious about same-sex relationships, it might be time to test the waters. This could be the perfect chance for either or both of you to try something unexpected. If one partner is not okay with allowing one to go off and explore alone, survey the experience of group sex, together. Come to some conclusion about your needs without sabotaging the relationships. You don’t have to make it an everyday affair or resort to extreme orgies. But perhaps bringing in one or two extra people will be enough to allow you both to enjoy the pleasures of being with the same gender without stepping out of your union. In some cases, it might bring a much-needed kink into the bedroom. Individuals with increasing curiosity that cause arguments or problematic disagreements, might consider ending a previous relationship to explore your sexuality, until you have discovered what you want.

Open Up the Relationship To New Experiences

Open relationships are not for everyone. They require a tremendous amount of trust and confidence from all parties involved. Rules must be set. Outside emotions must be kept in check. Communication is key to maintaining a healthy union when sexually opening your union to others, especially when exploring your orientation. Realize that feelings do develop and change the dynamics of the situation. Talk about what will happen if one of you decides that you are ready to walk away and go fully for a same sex partner. Talk about feelings of desiring both genders, if you so choose, and playing with the possibilities of bisexuality.

This is sure to be an exciting, but very emotional time. As long as you are truthful with yourself and your sexual partners, you are already on the right track. If you need further help in making your decision, globally, there are groups that can help support your journey.

Understanding the LGBTQ+ Community

L: Lesbian- characterized by homosexual or romantic attraction between women G: Gay- characterized by homosexual or romantic attraction between men.

B: Bisexual- defined by sexual or romantic attraction to both men and women

T: Transgender- a person who identifies as a gender different than was assigned at birth Q: Queer – an umbrella tern to characterized individuals who feel they fit neither the

heterosexual (cis) or homosexual category of preference.

+: The plus is used to include persons exploring or fitting into other expanding categories of sexuality including Asexual, Bigender, Intersex, Pansexual, Transsexual, Questioning, and others.

The LGBTQ community is ever-changing and growing culture. If you feel the need to seek regauding the changes you are experiencing there are groups available, around the world. You can seek out friends and companionship at a local center or in a distant town, if you are worried about anonymity. The internet is a great source of reference not only for finding and meeting other gay and curious populations, but you can also begin to research homosexual literature and films to your liking.

Be Friends With the Queer

It might not have been your scene before, but with your new path to self-discovery, it’s wise to start getting acquainted with the LGBTQ community and its members. Start small. Find a friend that is openly homosexual, queer, or fluid with their sexuality. They will likely feel comfortable sharing their journey and what they went through to get to where they are. The “coming out of the closet” process is very complicated and something that only another that has experienced the same can come close to fully sympathize. Though everyone is different, heed any advice,

and apply it to whatever road you are currently on. Also, having a special friend who isn’t your lover, but understands your worries is always a lucky advantage.

Enjoy Masturbation

Don’t feel guilty. Enjoy masturbation. It is one of the healthiest and most satisfying ways to learn about your body and want it needs. Sometimes sexual confusion is manifested from ideas meant to be played out in one’s head. Attempt to masturbate and see if that is enough to pacify your curiosity in complete privacy.

You are alone to touch yourself with no one around to pull your focus. You can let your mind wander into what aroused you most, without reservation. And there is no need to worry about infidelity. Feel free to peruse same-gender toys, videos, and other pornographic material to see what activates your desires. It’s no pressure. Just a fantasy. Let yourself go…

Decision Doesn’t Come Easily. It Takes Time.

Finding your way in life never comes easy. Having curiosities about your sexual identity is no different. Take your time to try different things. Talk to trustworthy people, near and dear to you. How much you choose to share with anyone is a personal decision. Take all the time you need to be comfortable with learning about yourself. There are no right and wrong answers to your questions. You mind find yourself anywhere in a spectrum of sexual identities, at any given moment. Enjoy the journey and suppress feelings of guilt along the way. When the time is right, you will find your place.